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36. Begin from where the problem is. Far from being a list of enemies, it is a catalog of our own activities: we are the ones who need to change. Begin from the place where I am and move towards that where I could be. To begin again, however, we must be free from the call to law and to righteousness; we must live in sin, and with no intention of doing anything differently, as a way of avoiding hypocrisy. If we have fallen into a deep pit, the first thing we must do is to come out and remove the stones and rubble that cause the hole. [6]

43. My fellow citizens, I come here to present you with an idea of freedom which has for its motto: Liberty, not license. Liberty, not license. Liberty, not license. Liberty, not license. [185]

245. At the cross, we receive not only a defeat but also a victory. Defeat is hard to bear. It is a mark of weakness. Victory means freedom, and hence courage. That is why I chose a victory as my emblem. To follow in the footsteps of Christ and of the saints means to possess a different kind of certainty. They were in the right.

225. Nevertheless, so as to preserve the vitality of the human race, we need to strengthen amicitia, and nourish it with love, friendship and fraternization, while at the same time keeping a watchful eye to prevent it from degrading. A healthy love may be defined as the love of the other for the self, and, conversely, as a healthy self-love. Moreover, it is possible for self-love to become an honourable self-esteem based on reason and knowledge. One must respect the dignity of the other, the equal dignity of all and each person's freedom. Furthermore, one must respect the freedom of the conscience and the rights of conscience of the other, and, conversely, the freedom of the conscience and the rights of conscience of the other. One must also respect the right of the other to believe as he or she wills, for we are all creatures of faith and in this lies the freedom of being and becoming, of becoming oneself, une personne. [125] Also, one must respect the rights of life, home, work, health, wealth and rights, of education, of participation in public decisions and political acts and, in general, of all that makes for personal development. Finally, one must respect the rights of others and, in general, all human rights, as has been inscribed in the Universal Declaration, as has been stated in the Covenant for the protection of all human rights, and as was affirmed at the Conference on Human Rights in Vienna in 1993, in the Prague Declaration on European Conscience and Communism, in the Declaration of the Aland Islands and in many other places. 3d9ccd7d82

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