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Phosphophyllite Buy

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Phosphophyllite Buy

In terms of phosphophyllite gem hardness, the mineral sits at 3 to 3.5 on the Mohs hardness scale, making it quite delicate. That, coupled with its brittle tenacity, perfect cleavage, and heat sensitivity, make cutting large crystals a risky endeavor.

Beyond its beauty, phosphophyllite is celebrated as a highly transformative crystal for when the going gets tough. Additionally, it helps balance your spiritual body in more ways than one, granting you a more fulfilling life on every level.

Typically, phosphophyllite occurs in shades of blue and green, such as sea green or mint, with little to no visible inclusions. Higher-quality specimens will be more transparent and appear colorless in transmitted light.

Some localities yield stones of 75 carats or more. However, these superb, rare specimens will undoubtedly never be cut. Most faceted phosphophyllite range from 1 to 10 carats, expertly cut from crystal fragments and broken crystals.

Raw phosphophyllite generally costs around $15 to $30 per gram ($3 to $10 per carat). However, you can find some lower-end pieces for around $2 to $5 per gram ($0.40 to $1 per carat).

For faceted phosphophyllite, the price per carat tends to reflect its rarity. However, if you can find them, faceted gems average around $400 per carat, reaching as high as $1800 per carat.

The finest phosphophyllite crystals come from Potosí, Bolivia, but it is no longer mined there. Other sources include New Hampshire, United States and Hagendorf, Bavaria, Germany. It is often found in association with the minerals chalcopyrite and triphylite.[5]

A personified phosphophyllite crystal named Phos is featured as the protagonist of Land of the Lustrous, a manga and anime series from Japan, where they live alongside other gems. The attributes of the gem such as its softness and color play a key role in defining the personality and weaknesses of the character. 59ce067264

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