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On February 27, 1937, Stokowski sent Disney a letter confirming their agreement on the music for The Sorcerer's Apprentice. Disney planned to meet with Stokowski in New York on June 21, where he would discuss exactly what needed to be done to animate the poem. Disney wanted to have "a special contest of some sort", and if he won on a technical point, Stokowski would be promoted as "a wizard in the field of music... [f]orever after hearing what he has to say [after he won]". Stokowski stated he didn't mind working for a pittance as long as Disney won the contest, which Stokowski suggested should be the "significance' of the music to its listeners. Disney's former personal secretary, Mary Grace Mattingly , recalls in her book, Disneyland Album , a meeting at Stokowski's New York apartment on the evening of May 2, 1937, where Stokowski went over the final version of the sheet music for the piece.[24] He recorded the original orchestral pieces on March 7 and 11 and heard them back from the Philadelphia Orchestra within a week.[19][56] Stokowski kept his agreement with Disney to conduct the film score for free.[60] His first lesson on being an animator was when 3-Dimensional scenery, such as trees and animals began to "grow" on set. In later years, Disney would begin to work with animators to create the background movement of the multiplane camera, which he would use to animate his own characters: Dumbo, The Mickey Mouse Show, Bambi, and Fantasia.[103]

Disney enjoyed this particular collaboration as it helped advance his career. He saw the piece as a way to introduce himself to a larger public.[30] The writers of Stage and Screen (Stage 6, no. 9, February 1938, 248, p. 546) were complimentary about the collaboration, stating it would be an excellent animation showcase. d2c66b5586

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