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The auditors and observers are still hard at work for nearly 14 hours. Thank you for all your prayers and watchful eyes over the Coliseum and the dedicated people inside!

Please keep watching and asking questions when you see something out of place. We do not really know what is out of place. It is the first time in history for a new kind of audit with 100% scanning of the ballots followed by Kinematic Artifacts Detection for all of Maricopa County's nearly 2.1 million ballots.

Very heartening to see order, organization, and reliable camera feeds.

As Ken Bennett and Doug Logan mentioned in their press briefing:

1. Phones are not allowed where paper ballots are being audited. The reason is not associated with any auditing security breach or interference with the auditing process. It is simply to ensure that voter privacy is preserved by not allowing anyone to snap a photo of a ballot that may have someone's name or some identifiable personal information written on it. Some voters like to write their names on ballots. Some add honey-do-lists on the way to the poll. "Jimmy Dean dear, don't forget the sausage!"

2. Cameras above each work area record all but remain confidential. The reason is to protect voter privacy. Just as in any forensic audit, each movement has to be accounted for. The camera provides proof of work and can be examined under lawful order. This protects the process as well as the privacy of the voter.

3. No blue or black pens are allowed inside the building. Jen Fifield, a keen AZ Central reporter, noticed that blue pen was used and raised the alarm that no blue or black pen should be inside the coliseum. This was a point of contention raised in the Temporary Restraining Order (TRO). Doug Logan, CEO of Cyber Ninjas subsequently switched to green pens. This should not be a big concern because of the many cameras and many eyes on the ballots. Bubbling in thousands of votes while under the observation of dozens of cameras and thousands of eyes would be a monumental cheat! Nonetheless it is green pens only inside the arena and that is reasonable.

Care is being taken to preserve voter privacy without compromising the accuracy of the audit. There is one case where accuracy may be compromised to a greater extent than necessary to protect voter identity. That is the case of provisional ballots where the name of the voter is attached to the vote. This should be handled better to preserve both accuracy and privacy. Not doing #scantheballots and #KinematicArtifacts Detection on provisional ballots compromises the integrity of the audit for provisional ballots.

Goodnight to all patriots who watched carefully today. And thank you for those who watch and pray overnight! Blessings to all who stand and work for truth!

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James Bates
Apr 25, 2021

Now that's a real audit, not the sham recount of the same fraudulent ballots. The truth will be revealed. Get ready for the credibility troops to come in and deny the result.

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