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Even in a static environment, such as the World War I trench, the commanders had to make rapid, effective decisions based on the information they received and processed from their subordinates. [3]

The need to make effective, mission-oriented decisions, based on sound information, is universal. The demands of war, however, present unique challenges for the commander. War is one of the few activities where the commander must display some measure of battlefield intuition, as well as the ability to develop and act upon tactical understanding of the situation. The challenge is significant because the commander often must make decisions on the basis of incomplete information, in a continuously changing environment, within time constraints.[2]

The mass-produced, forward-looking, battlefield aviation of the World War I era limited the ability of the infantryman to engage the enemy from a distance. This, in turn, required that the infantryman rely on his ability to communicate with his squad leaders, platoon leaders, company commanders, battalion and corps headquarters. Communications became the lifeblood of the battlefield. The situation of the World War I officer was vastly different from that of the officer of the future. The officer of the future will be both a command-and-control element and a consultant. The future officer will be able to coordinate with his subordinates, assess the situation as a whole, and make appropriate decisions based on the information provided. The officer of the future will be able to communicate in real time, across distances, so that he can continuously gather information and make expedient and informed decisions.

The ability to coordinate, assess the situation, and make decisions quickly and effectively, has been called situational awareness, information awareness, situational communication, or simply situational awareness. [4] The future officer will be able to leverage this awareness to make sound decisions, taking into account the situation of every individual soldier, as well as overall mission requirements. The officer of the future will be trained to process and make decisions based on all available, relevant data, and to process information quickly. In the future, decisions will be based on a continuous, iterative process, which includes the activities of the commander, his sub-ordinates, and the other soldiers.

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