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“My administration is 100 percent committed to eradicating human trafficking from the earth." -POTUS, Jan. 2020

It can be difficult to research and sift through all the bullshit in our Information War.

As an example, many still think President Trump is apart of the elite pedo cult that enjoyed immunity on earth until the 45th Administration.

This is because many have been inundated with disinformation, propaganda, and group-think through various mediums since grade school. As a result, many lack the critical thinking skills and intellectual sovereignty required to discern for themselves.

This is why these clown narratives still sell:

A little digging and we find Mar a Lago was created with the explicit purpose of allowing black and Jew membership, disrupting the racist WASP control of elite clubs in Fort Lauderdale (and the South), which prohibited it. The mayor tried to stop President Trump so he sent him the movie, "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner," then filed a $100 million dollar lawsuit citing the racism. The rest is history.

That's why there are early photos of Epstein and Maxwell with Trump. Epstein was an elite Jew and Maxwell his lover. No one outside of their evil power structure yet realized Epstein's or Maxwell's sadistic ambitions.

During this time, Trump also once hitched a short ride on one of Epstein's planes from Florida to NYC. However, Trump never went to child sex island or rode on the Lolita Express the Clintons favored.

Epstein would eventually assault the daughter of one of President Trump's Mara a Lago employees and Trump would ban Epstein from his properties. Bad blood ensued.

President Trump would later find out about a property deal Epstein was very excited about and backdoored him, seizing the property away from Epstein just to spite him.

Fast forward and Epstein victim attorney stated on camera that no one helped him or the victims he represented more than President Trump.

Everything that has happened with regard to child trafficking in general and exposure/takedown of this elite cult specifically since President Trump's election is a direct result of him and his patriot Administration.

All of which was forshadowed in 2015 at CPAC by President Trump and was reinforced explicitly via his policy, strategy, speeches, task forces, and outcomes.

Not one opposition narrative they've thrown at our President has stuck. Not one. That's because he isn't a cultist, never joined thier society, they don't have any blackmail information on him, he isnt a pedophile nor a racist, and he LOATHES everything they are.

We knew Maxwell's arrest was eminent after Trump fired the SDNY federal prosecutor overseeing and providing a blockade on the Epstein investigation (plus Wiener laptop, Ukraine, and Clinton Foundation investigations). Less than 2 weeks after he was fired, Maxwell was arrested.

President Trump and the patriots are working to "eradicate" this cult "from earth" for us and humanity, worldwide. That's the ONLY reason why Epstein/Maxwell anything.

The best is yet to come.

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