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Want you guys to think about THIS when the media states there is no way to reinstate Trump as POTUS:

The MSM threw over 2,500 stories at President Trump to attempt to find a way to remove him whether it was through impeachment or ‘unprecedented’! So when they say “He can’t be reinstated, that’s not how the constitution works”.

Remember something that is ‘unprecedented’ only means never done, unknown outcome, or known before! Do not let the MSM tell you that reinstating him is unprecedented or impossible when they tried for 4 years to find unprecedented ways to impeach him!

Remember WHO controls the Supreme Court and the majority of State Rep Houses.

If Trump is really telling people close to him that he expects to be back, I’d plan on Trump being back. 💯🇺🇸

He is always 100 steps ahead of these clowns. 🤡

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