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I know many of us got discouraged after 2020 election. It didn’t make much sense to us who have been praying and fighting in this “truth” battle for a while. To me, it makes a lot more sense today. Take heart! We are winning on many fronts. HR1 was defeated yesterday, Hollywood and the fake news media is a complete ratings disaster, people are starting to stand up against the Left’s critical race theory and other Leftist ideals on a local level and Arizona is going to show how much voter fraud there truly was after the 2020 election with many states to follow.

Trump will be in public again in a few days where he shines and will continue to expose the Left and show how much true support he has still. The mask mandates are pretty much gone and we are finally getting back to our lives. Biden is starting to be found out who he truly is, a puppet and stooge for the Left. The Left is in straight reaction mode right now. We are winning on many fronts and there is so much more coming….I truly believe the BEST IS YET TO COME!

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I pray daily that people see the truth. The TV is so hard to compete with, parent won't turn it off, they don't know how to follow truth news on other platforms, just old school. We have allowed for the devil to come into our homes to spend lies nothing but lies. I will not pay for cable and I haven't in several years. I no longer punch a clock to pay them money to rape and eat children. I live in my camper awaiting for Jesus to push the button on our Jubilee.. I see the light at the end of the tunnel and I am patient bit I really would love for my parents to see it happen…


Yea the audits are taking forever and thats what bothers me, why do they bide time, they have enough evidence to convict those treasonous people 50x over im assuming they know 50x more than we do so why are they playing it so slowly, nearly the entire population is awake at this point atleast to the voter fraud, they should have removed fake media at the begining and this would have went so much smoother I truely believe... with all the hidden truth people will refuse to accept it if its just suddenly popped it needed to be lead into it from the beginning... now people will just say it's a stretch because they let the media continue to crush…

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