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Image by Colin Lloyd


I know many of us got discouraged after 2020 election. It didn’t make much sense to us who have been praying and fighting in this “truth” battle for a while. To me, it makes a lot more sense today. Take heart! We are winning on many fronts. HR1 was defeated yesterday, Hollywood and the fake news media is a complete ratings disaster, people are starting to stand up against the Left’s critical race theory and other Leftist ideals on a local level and Arizona is going to show how much voter fraud there truly was after the 2020 election with many states to follow.

Trump will be in public again in a few days where he shines and will continue to expose the Left and show how much true support he has still. The mask mandates are pretty much gone and we are finally getting back to our lives. Biden is starting to be found out who he truly is, a puppet and stooge for the Left. The Left is in straight reaction mode right now. We are winning on many fronts and there is so much more coming….I truly believe the BEST IS YET TO COME!

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