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Many are confused by Harri Hursti's involvement in the New Hampshire audit because he was in the documentary "Kill Chain."

Hursti made statements that he could change election results and no one would be able to detect it.

Hursti was made to appear as a concerned cyber-hero.

Many are confused by Hursti and other politicians that made similar statements (i.e. Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Klobuchar, Clinton), who all brought attention to the existential crisis that our elections were severely vulnerable to hacking.

These statements were all made while Trump was in office.

Trump is no longer in office.

These politicians now claim the election was the safest and securest in history.

Hursti, the man claiming he could change election results without anyone knowing, is now revealing preliminary findings that there is no fraud in New Hampshire.


Prior to November 3rd, these politicians and Hursti were getting ready to run with these talking points in the event Trump won in 2020, to undermine his presidency for another 4 years (much like they did with the Russia hoax).

The election coup made that plan unnecessary.

Now, look at all of that flip-flopping and silence.

What's at work is a thing called "primacy." You accuse a person of the very thing you are doing. Here, that's stealing an election.

Plan A: Steal the election.

Plan B: If you don't succeed in stealing the election, state that Trump's election win was the result of election interference.

Plan A worked (for now).

Plan B would have provided plausible deniability for the fraudsters because it places the accused (Trump) on the defensive from the outset.

Got it?


If I know this, so does Trump, and so do the good guys.

The good guys are going to win.

Just you watch.

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