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FROM STEELTRUTH Channels NEWS on Telegram

The True Narrative

1. Covid-19 is a man made bioweapon released from Wuhan viral lab.

2. Fauci and his accomplices gave critical technology and funding to China to develop a weapon of mass destruction.

3. Prehospital treatment of covid-19 was intentionally suppressed. Life saving information and medication was intentionally suppressed.

4. The Zelenko Protocol was developed mid-March 2020. Hydroxychloroquine/zinc/Azithromycin. This protocol reduced hospitalization and death by 84%. Multiple studies have proven this to be a scientific truth.

5. Academic fraud, media false propaganda, and governmental malfeasance vilified prehospital treatment with the zelenko protocol.

6. Out of 600000 dead Americans we could have saved 510000.

7. The American people have been brutalized and are victims of mass murder and crimes against humanity.


1. Immediately endorse prehospital treatment and make it the standard of care.

2. Bring the criminals to justice.

Vladimir Zelenko MD

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Well stated my friends. See MSM how the truth looks? Any Man,Women or corporate or corporate body who intentionally went w a narrative opposite this one is a traitor and has an agenda that is sinister....


And again I'll ask....when do we as Patriots file a class action lawsuit? Violation of Civil Rights for starters???? Let's get with it people!!!! Come the fuck on!!!! I'm tired of sitting on the side lines. I've been contacting atty's. Have you?

Unknown member
Jun 10, 2021
Replying to

Just show me where to sign and im there bro. We HAVE to make sure that something like this never happens again to us, our children, or childrens children...

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