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Patriots UPDATE 3/14 PLEASE READ (Comment UNDERSTOOD after reading)

I’m hearing lots of [false] claims that various branches in the military are not on the same page about going forward with this operation. Now we have the Tucker narrative with a few “woke” liberals in the armed forces starting to speak out?

So all of a sudden normies think the military isn’t on our side?

The MSM is pushing irrelevant headlines and now we have “woke” liberal generals that are all of a sudden speaking out and making appearances.

Are they trying to make it look like the military won’t step in? Trying to make us look weak? Creating an illusion to pivot our side against the military? Trying to make us lose faith in them? Setting up a distraction? All based on some irrelevant tweet?

Disregard ALL of it.

Sticking to the drops is key right now. The “woke” military headlines are an absolute joke.

I highly doubt any military personnel that are vital to this operation are on twitter right now. I also don’t believe we got this far with the military being infiltrated.

Trump & 17 knew cleaning house in order to pass certain legislation was always the biggest priority. Patriots did not come this far without placing loyal individuals in top positions.

Kill Shot:

Q clearly states:

[They] lost this very important power - the one branch of government that is NOT corrupt and directly serves the president.


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