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Noble Metal Nanoparticles AND cancer cures Silver, platinum, gold, copper, palladium, etc The things they hide from us. Check this. Electron microscopy of AgNP solution revealed bimodal nanoparticle size distribution: 3 and 12 nm. Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry showed basal silver ion concentrations of 32 ng/g, rising to 46 ng/g 1 hour after ingesting 60 mL of AgNP solution. Urine showed no AgNP. No toxicities were observed and he had complete radiographic resolution of his cancer. He remains without evidence of cancer 18 months later. Conclusions AgNP ingestion was associated with sustained radiographic resolution of cancer. Further testing of AgNP should be done to confirm its efficacy in head and neck cancer Colon cancer Killed it Breast cancers - killed it Thyroid cancer - killed it Skin cancer of all kinds Acute lymphoblastic leukemia Killed it Cervical cancer Killed it Lung cancer. Killed it Palladium Nanoparticles and ovarian cancer - works Copper Nanoparticles and ovarian cancer - works Gold Nanoparticles and ovarian cancer - works And on and on And on. All day long.

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I have just now figured out how to use this dang app Benji lol shesh man its unicorn here from tt just to let ya know

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