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Mike Lindells movement is pure optics for the sleepy democrats and surface level Trump supporters, who are just now waking up to how deep everything goes. It’s not for the people who are aware of it already.

Over 51 million people around the world are watching the broadcast. Public awareness plays a vital role in all of this. Military will not step in until the narrative is shifted.

It’s going to take time, but as each day passes, we get closer and closer.

If you complain about what’s taking so long and expect drastic change overnight - you’re either not paying attention, you don’t understand how things are being run, or you can’t process the gravity of the situation.

Btw, it probably won’t be the 9 Justices making these decisions. Lindell references the Supreme Court because he can’t come out and say things about the US Military.

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Well I agree it will take time for people to wake up but the tide is turning in our favor. We all need to keep talking about our message. The best thing to do is just do something towards the cause and you’ll see the difference. Push forward with 1776. Remember the Constitution is our back bone of this country.


Well said it gets frustrating sometimes but we can’t forget all the this entails...

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